Hi-sAFe model

Hi-sAFe is a 3-D mechanistic simulation model representing tree and crop growth, taking into account light, water and nitrogen competition between trees and annual or perennial crops.

Below are the answers to a few questions you might ask, you can also visit the FAQ page.

Is Hi-sAFe model suitable for my needs?

To get a feeling about what can be done with Hi-sAFe, go to the Scientific studies with Hi-sAFe page, or have a look at the On-going projects page.

Is hi-sAFe model free to use?

Hi-sAFe is free to download after registration, so that we can keep track of users, but scientific publications using Hi-sAFe must have one of the hi-sAFe team member as co-author, so please contact us before preparing your manuscript.

How to use Hi-sAFe model?

First, register on this page to get a private user code. You will also receved by mail the model to install. After that, the private section is the place to look for all guides on how to install and use the Hi-sAFe model.

Which crop and tree species are included?

The crop module is based on STICS and it can represent all the crops included in STICS: soft and durum wheat, maize, grassland (tall fescue+cocksfoot), soybean, sunflower, oilseed rape, barley, 6-row barley, sorghum, alfalfa, pea, tomato, lettuce, carrot, potato, sugar beet, grapevine, rice, banana, sugarcane…

Three tree species are available: hydrid walnut (nigra x regia), clonal poplar (average clone) and wild cherry. Other species can of course be simulated, as long as there is sufficient data to parameterize their allometric relationships and root parameters.

Hi-sAFe is a mechanistic model, then what mechanisms are included?

On the Content section, you will find a general overview of the model and in the private section you will find detailled and technical documentations.

What about technical implementation ?

Hi-sAFe code is written in JAVA under the CAPSIS modelling platform and  STICS (version 8 inFortran) is embedded as the crop model.


We acknowledge support through the AGFORWARD project (Grant Agreement N° 613520) co-funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research & Innovation, within the 7th Framework Programme of RTD

Hi-sAFe was succesfully produced thanks to the financial support of


Simulation de plantations agroforestières