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  The genus Dendroseius Karg (Acari: Digamasellidae) in Iran, with description of the male and deutonymph of Dendroseius amoliensis

Mohammadi, Leila and Hajizadeh, Jalil
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 3
pages: 637-652

  A new genus and species of Digamasellidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) displaying some extraordinary gnathosomal structures

Faraji, Farid; Zare, Mohsen and Rahmani, Hasan
2021 - Volume: 61, issue: 4
pages: 967-977

  A new species of the genus Lasioseius (Acari: Blattisociidae) inhabiting litter of secondary rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia

Quintero-Gutiérrez, Edwin Javier; Sandmann, Dorothee; Cómbita-Heredia, Orlando; Klarner, Bernhard; Widyastuti, Rahayu and Scheu, Stefan
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 2
pages: 338-352

  Patterns of soil mite diversity in Lamto savannah (Côte d’Ivoire) submitted at different fire regimes

N'Dri, Julien K.; N'Da, Rodolphe Arnaud G.; Seka, Fabrice A.; Pokou, Pacôme K.; Tondoh, Jérôme E.; Lagerlöf, Jan; Kone, Mouhamadou; Dosso, Kanvaly; N'Dri, Brigitte A. and Kone, N'Golo A.
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 4
pages: 823-833

  Generic concept of the phytoseiids (Acari: Phytoseiidae) according to Athias-Henriot

Tsolakis, H. and Ragusa, S.
2010 - Volume: 50, issue: 4
pages: 415-429

  Ultrastructural investigations of sperm and genital systems in Gamasida (Acari: Anactinotrichida) current state and perspectives for future research

Alberti, G.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 2
pages: 107-126

  Morphology and biology of Euseius metwallyi n. sp. (Acari: Gamasida: Phytoseiidae)

Basha, A.-A.E.; Yousef, A.-T.A. and Mostafa, E.-S.M.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 1
pages: 29-37

  Schizocyrtillus josefinae n. sp. of the family Celaenopsidae (Acari, Antennophorina) from Poland

Gwiazdowicz, D.J.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 1
pages: 21-27

  New species of Laelapidae and Ascidae from Egypt: genera Androlaelaps and Blattisocius (Acari: Gamasida)

Basha, A.-A.E. and Yousef, A.-T.A.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 4
pages: 395-402

  New species of zerconid mites (Acari, Gamasida, Zerconidae) from Turkey

Urhan, R.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 1-2
pages: 69-75

  Invertebrates of Scandinavian caves IX. Acari: Mesostigmata (Gamasina), with a complete list of mites

Lundqvist, L.; Hippa, H. and Koponen, S.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 4
pages: 357-365

  Plant mites (Acari) of the French Antilles. 3. Phytoseiidae (Gamasida)

de Moraes, G.J.; Kreiter, S. and Lofego, A.C.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 3
pages: 237-264

  Effect of type of prey on the life parameters of the soil predacious mite, Gamasiphis tylophagous (Mesostigmata: Ologamasidae), a predator of the citrus parasitic nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans (Tylenchida: Tylenchulidae)

El-Banhawy, E.M.; El-Sawaf, B.M.; Osman, H.O. and Afia, S.I.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 1
pages: 25-28

  Two new species of the genus Holaspulus (Acari, Gamasida, Parholaspidae) from Japan

Ishikawa, K.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 3
pages: 185-190

  Geolaelaps oreithyiae, n. sp. (Acari, Laelapidae), a thelytokous predator of Arthropods and Nematodes, and a discussion of clonal reproduction in the Mesostigmata

Walter, D.E. and Oliver, J.H.
1989 - Volume: 30, issue: 4
pages: 293-303

  Topographical relations between oocytes and other ovarian cells in three mite species (Acari)

Witalinski, W.
1987 - Volume: 28, issue: 4
pages: 297-306

  Notes on the ecology of corticolous epiphyte dwellers. 4. Actinedida (especially Tydeidae) and Gamasida (especially Phytoseiidae)

Andre, H.M.
1986 - Volume: 27, issue: 2
pages: 107-115

  Three new species of Macrocheles (Acari, Gamasida, Macrochelidae) associated with 3-toed sloths, Bradypus spp (Edentata, Bradypodidae), in Brazil and Surinam

Krantz, G.W.
1983 - Volume: 24, issue: 1
pages: 3-12

  Eulaelaps stabularis (Koch, 1839) and Eulaelaps oudemansi Turk, 1945 (Mesostigmata: Haemogamasidae)

Uchikawa, K. and Rack, G.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 2
pages: 163-172

  Post-embryonic development of Allodinychus flagelliger (Berlese 1910) (Gamasida: Uropodina)

Athias-Binche, F.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 1
pages: 44-57

  Relationships between infracapitulum and coxa I by some uropodid mite families (Acari: Anactinotrichida)

Athias-Binche, F.
1977 - Volume: 19, issue: 1
pages: 30-37

  Notes on the external morphology of Gamasids. Focus on terminology

Athias-Henriot, C.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 1
pages: 25-27

  Notes on the external morphology of the gamasid mites (Anactinotrichous Acari)

Athlas-Henrlot, C.
1969 - Volume: 11, issue: 4
pages: 609-629

  Terminological morphology of Gamasids (Anactinotrichida). Abstract of a presentation about papers related to exoskeleton

Athias-Henriot, C.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 3
pages: 418-418

  General introduction to the classification, the morphological terminology, the ontogenesis and the evolution of mites

Hammen, L.v.d.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 3
pages: 401-412

  Some Acarina Haemogamasidae from Malaya

Domrow, R.
1960 - Volume: 2, issue: 4
pages: 434-442

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