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  Paedomorphosis and sexuality in Eulohmanniidae (Acari, Oribatida): surprising diversity in a relictual family of oribatid mites

Norton, Roy A. and Ermilov, Sergey G.
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 4
pages: 989-1069

  Two new feather mites of the subfamily Proctophyllodinae (Acariformes: Proctophyllodidae) from the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Empidonax flaviventris (Passeriformes: Tyrannidae) in Canada

Mironov, Sergey V. and Galloway, Terry D.
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 4
pages: 878-891

  Two unusual new species of Caleremaeus (Acari: Oribatida) from eastern North America, with redescription of C. retractus and reevaluation of the genus

Norton, Roy A. and Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M.
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 2
pages: 398-448

  Occigamasus, a new genus of pergamasine mites, with description of two new species from the west coast of North America (Parasitiformes: Gamasina: Parasitidae)

Juvara-Balş, Ilinca
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 4
pages: 551-570

  Ghilarovus robisoni n. sp., first record of Zetomotrichidae (Acari, Oribatida) from North America

Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M. and Knee, Wayne
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 2
pages: 226-241

  Diversity of Peloppiidae (Oribatida) in North America

Lindo, Zoë
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: Suppl
pages: 91-97

  Redescription of Lasioseius cynari Chant, 1963 (Acari: Mesostigmata: Blattisociidae)

Cedola, Claudia V.; Gugole Ottaviano, Maria F.; Martin, João and Moraes, Gilberto J. de
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 4
pages: 835-845

  Gerdia n. gen. from eastern North America, with redescription of the type species, Porobelba parki Jacot, 1937 (Acari, Oribatida, Damaeidae)

Miko, L. and Norton, R.A.
2010 - Volume: 50, issue: 3
pages: 343-356

  A new species of the genus Nalepella on Canada Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr), Pinaceae

Domes, R.
2003 - Volume: 43, issue: 3
pages: 267-270

  Parapirnodus (Acari: Oribatida: Scheloribatidae) of canopy habitats in Western Canada

Behan-Pelletier, V.M.; Clayton, M. and Humble, L.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 1
pages: 75-88

  Ontogeny and morphology in Schwiebea elongata Banks, 1906 (Acari: Acaridae)

Okabe, K.; Oconnor, B.M. and Kurosa, K.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 1-2
pages: 255-271

  New Trachyes species (Anactinotrichida: Uropodina: Trachytidae) from Canada

Hutu, M.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 1-2
pages: 7-24

  Taxonomy and bioecology of eriophyids (Acari: Eriophyoidea) associated with Canada thistle, Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.

Petanovic, R.; Boczek, J. and Stojnic, B.
1997 - Volume: 38, issue: 2
pages: 181-191

  A redescription of Mycobates sarekensis (Tragardh) (Acari: Oribatei)

Solhoy, I.W.
1997 - Volume: 38, issue: 1
pages: 69-77

  Systematics studies of three new species of Antennophorus (Mesostigmata, Antennophorina), from Poland

Wisniewski, J. and Hirschmann, W.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 3
pages: 233-244

  Limnesia cooki n. sp. and Piona habeebi n. sp., two new species of water mites (Acari, Hydrachnellae) from Western Canada

Conroy, J.C.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 2
pages: 191-194

  Mating behaviour and reproductive mechanisms of two species of predacious mites, Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot and Amblyseius andersoni (Chant) (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

Amano, H. and Chant, D.A.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 2
pages: 196-213

  Variation in the chaetotaxy and denticulation of Sarcoptes scabiei (Acarina: Sarcoptidae) from wild canids

Pence, D.B.; Casto, S.D. and Samuel, W.M.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 1
pages: 160-165

  Mites of the genus Ledermuelleria (Prostigmata: Stigmaeidae) associated with mosses in Canada

Gerson, U.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 2
pages: 319-343

  New and redescribed species of Ledermuelleria Oudms. and Villersia Oudms. (acari: Stigmaeidae) from canada

Wood, T.G.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 2
pages: 301-318

  Trichthonius majestus, a new species of Oribatid mite (Acarina: Cosmochthoniidae) from North America

Marshall, V.G. and Reeves, R.M.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 3
pages: 623-632

  Two new species of Gamasellus Berlese (Mesostigmata: Rhodacaridae) from Canada

Emberson, R.M.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 2
pages: 293-303

  A new species of mites (Tarsocheylidae: Prostigmata) from the South-east of Canada

Marshall, V.G.
1966 - Volume: 8, issue: 1
pages: 45-48

  A new parholaspis mite from Eastern Canada with notes on the genus Neparholaspis Evans (Acarina: Mesostigmata)

Marshall, V.G.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 3
pages: 417-420

  A review of the lower uropodoid mites (former Thinozerconoidea, Protodinychoidea and Trachytoidea) with notes on the classification of the Uropodina (Acarina)

Johnston, D.E.
1961 - Volume: 3, issue: 4
pages: 522-545

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