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  Molecular phylogeny and description of Hygrobates cyrnusensis sp. nov. reveals multiple colonization of Corsica by water mites of the H. fluviatilis-complex (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia, Hygrobatidae)

Pešić, Vladimir; Smit, Harry and Konopleva, Ekaterina S.
2023 - Volume: 63, issue: 1
pages: 262-274

  Two new species from the Hygrobates nigromaculatus-complex (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia, Hygrobatidae), based on morphological and molecular evidence

Pešić, Vladimir; Jovanović, Milica; Manović, Ana; Zawal, Andrej; Bańkowska, Aleksandra; Broda, Łukasz; Martin, Peter and Dabert, Miroslawa
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 4
pages: 753-768

  Mideopsis milankovici sp. nov. a new water mite from Montenegro based on morphological and molecular data (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia, Mideopsidae)

Pešić, Vladimir and Smit, Harry
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 3
pages: 566-575

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