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  Synonymy of the water mite families Malgasacaridae and Zelandothyadidae (Acari: Hydrachnidia) reveals an interesting disjunct distribution in the Southern Hemisphere

Gerecke, Reinhard; Judson, Mark L.I. and Cook, David R.
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 3
pages: 617-631

  New and incompletely known genera and species of Arrenuroidea (Acari, Hydracarina) from South Africa

Cook, D.R.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 1-2
pages: 233-248

  New genera and species of Notoaturinae (Acari, Aturidae) from South Africa

Cook, D.R.
1998 - Volume: 39, issue: 4
pages: 335-348

  New water mite species (Acari: Hydracarina) from New Zealand

Cook, D.R. and Hopkins, C.L.
1998 - Volume: 39, issue: 3
pages: 257-263

  New species of Arrenurus (Acari, Arrenuridae) from Mexican lakes

Cramer, C. and Cook, D.R.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 4
pages: 349-366

  Water mites of the Palau Islands

Cook, D.R. and Bright, G.R.
1983 - Volume: 24, issue: 2
pages: 187-201

  The biology of Ceratozetes cisalpinus Berlese, Scheloribates laevigatus Koch, and Oppia neerlandica Oudemans (Oribatei), with a description of all stages

Woodring, J.P. and Cook, E.F.
1962 - Volume: 4, issue: 1
pages: 101-137

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