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A contribution to the ectoparasitic fauna of bats in Thailand. I. Fur mites of the family Myobiidae (Acarina; Trombidiformes)

Uchikawa, K. and Kobayashi, T.

1979 - Volume: 20 Issue: 3 pages: 368-384


Myobiidae parasites bats Thailand


Binuncus (Binuncus) jaтesoni (Hiregaudar et Баl, 1956) . Binuncus (Probinuncus) cynopterus Fain, 1975, Metabinuncus birтanicus Fain, 1976, Neomyobia plurihospitalis Uchikawa, 1978, Hipposiderobia okinawaensis Uchikawa, 1976, Hipposiderobia sp. 1 (male) and sp. 2 (tritonymph), Ugandobia (Ugandobia) dissiтilis spec. поу . , Pteracarus pusillus thailandensis sspec. поv., Pteracarus sp. (female), and Acanthophthirius (Myotiтyobia) scotophili spec. поу. were recorded as parasites of bats in Thailand. The males of В. (В.) jamesoni and М. birmanicus were described, and the male plesiotypes of these 2 species were designated. Morphological accounts of nymphal stages of В. (Р.) cynopterus, М. birmanicus, N. plurihospitalis and Hipposiderobia sp. were presented.

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1979 Uchikawa, K. and Kobayashi, T.
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