Publications pages
Hi-sAFe presentation paper:
Dupraz, C., Wolz, K.J., Lecomte, I., Talbot, G., Vincent, G., Mulia, R., Bussière, F., Ozier-Lafontaine, H., Andrianarisoa, S., Jackson, N., Lawson, G., Dones, N., Sinoquet, H., Lusiana, B., Harja, D., Domenicano, S., Reyes, F., Gosme, M., Van Noordwijk, M., 2019. Hi-sAFe: A 3D Agroforestry Model for Integrating Dynamic Tree–Crop Interactions. Sustainability 11, 2293.

An example of virtual experiment:
Dupraz, C., Blitz-Frayret, C., Lecomte, I., Molto, Q., Reyes, F., Gosme, M., 2018. Influence of latitude on the light availability for intercrops in an agroforestry alley-cropping system. Agrofor. Syst.

Simulation de plantations agroforestières