Scientific studies

Here some examples of  scientific studies using Hi-sAFe:

Dupraz, C., Blitz-Frayret, C., Lecomte, I.,  Molto, Q., Reyes, F., and Gosme, M. Agroforestry Systems (2018). Influence of latitude on the light availability for intercrops in an agroforestry alley-cropping system.

Schuller A, Gosme M, Talbot G, Dupraz C (2015) A model-based assessment of the adaptation of Mediterranean agroforestry systems to climate change (Poster). In: Cirad-Inra (ed) Climate-Smart Agriculture, Montpellier

Talbot G, Dupraz C (2012) Simple models for light competition within agroforestry discontinuous tree stands: are leaf clumpiness and light interception by woody parts relevant factors? Agroforestry Systems 84: 101-116

Simulation de plantations agroforestières