From 2011

  • Modelling of Ecosystems (in french):
    Master 2 B2E « Biology Ecosystems & Evolution » of the University of Montpellier and Montpellier Supagro
    Download (all the documents are in french):
    Part 1: Part1.zipNPZ_model_part1.zip
    Part 2: Part2.zipNPZ_model_part2.zip
    Part 3: Part3.zipNPZ_model_part3.zip
    Part 4: Part4.zip


  • Introduction to dynamical systems:
    Course for Ph. D students, that was proposed by the INRA/INRIA project team MODEMIC. The course is made for non mathematician students.
    Download: Pdf (in french)


  • Introduction to the dynamical model (ODE) of the chemostat:
    Master of Science in “Information Sciences and Technologies for the Ecology and the Environment”.


  • Introduction to the control theory:
    Master of Science in “Information Sciences and Technologies for the Ecology and the Environment”.
    Download: Pdf (in french)


  • Modelling and analysis of dynamical systems:
    Université catholique de Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium.
    In charge of the course: Georges Bastin.


Temporary teaching assistant in Applied Mathematics, ENSEEIHT (French engineering school in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications), Toulouse, France.

Probability 7h
Introduction to the Krylov methods 22h
Scientific computing 21h
Linear algebra 8h
Optimisation and differential calculus 40h
Total 98h


Temporary teaching assistant in Computer Sciences, Control and Signal Processing, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

Sequential and combinational logic 10h
Linear automatic control 48h
Industrial informatics 77h
C++ programming 18h
Office software applications 18h
Signal processing 63h
Identification, estimation 4h
Mathematics 36h
Total 274h

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