Distributed delay systems

In lots of dynamic systems of Physics or others scientific fields such as Biology (Volterra models), dynamic integral operators, often of convolution type, are involved. Problems relating to integro-differential models are often difficult to solve, especially because these models are not time-local. In this context, the methodology called “diffusive representation” presents some interests: an integral operator is represented by its gamma- symbol, directly deduced from its transfer function. It can be formulated by means of a state realization whose dimension is numerically reasonable whatever the size of the system may be. In addition to this interesting practical side, the diffusive representation offers a unified mathematical framework, well adapted to analysis of integral convolution operators.
Several dynamic problems can be tackled in an original and quite simple way by using the diffusive representation. In fact, all the operatorial problems of modeling, simulation, control, model identification, model reduction, etc. can be formulated in such a way that the object of the problem is the gamma-symbol of the operator solution.

Several problems are under study:

  • the identification of integro-differential models,
  • the controllability of some SISO Volterra models,
  • the simulation and the analysis of a model of porous media.

These works follow up on the ones developed during my PhD thesis.

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