Journal publications

[21] Calibration of a complex hydro-ecological model through Approximate Bayesian Computation and Random Forest combined with sensitivity analysis F. PICCIONI, C. CASENAVE, M. Baragatti, B. CLOEZ, B. VINÇON-LEITE, 2022,Ecological Informatics, Links: DOI
[20] Impact of biological nitrogen fixation and livestock management on the manure transfer from grazing land in mixed farming systems C. CASENAVE, A. BISSON, S. BOUDSOCQ, T. DAUFRESNE, 2022,Journal of Theoretical Biology, Links: DOI
[19] Reconsideration of winds, wind waves, and turbulence in simulating wind-driven currents of shallow lakes in the Wave-current Coupled Model (WCCM) version 1.0 T. WU, B. QIN, A. HUANG, Y. SHENG, S. FENG, C. CASENAVE, Geoscientific Model Development, december 2021. Links: DOI
[18] The thermal response of small and shallow lakes to climate change: new insights from 3D hindcast modelling, F. PICCIONI, C. CASENAVE, B. J. LEMAIRE, P. LE MOIGNE, P. DUBOIS, B. VINCON-LEITE, Earth System Dynamics, April 2021, volume 12, issue 2, pages 439-456. Links: DOI
[17] West African mixed farming systems as meta-ecosystems: A source-sink modelling approach, A. BISSON, S. BOUDSOCQ, C. CASENAVE, S. BAROT, S. MANLAY, R. VAYSSIERES, D. MASSE, T. DAUFRESNE, Ecological modelling, November 2019, volume 412, pages 1-17. Links: DOI
[16] Maximization of fertility transfers from rangeland to cropland: the contribution of control theory A. BISSON, C. CASENAVE; T. DAUFRESNE; S. BOUDSOCQ, Journal of Theoretical Biology, May 2019, volume 469, pages 187-200. Links: DOI
[15] Anti-windup Input-Output linearization strategy for the control of a Multi-Stage Continuous Fermenter with Input constraints C. CASENAVE, M. PEREZ, D. DOCHAIN, J. HARMAND, A. RAPAPORT, J.-M. SABLAYROLLES, IEEE Transaction on Control System and Technology (TCST). Accepted in December 2018. Links: DOI
[14] Modelling eutrophication in lake ecosystems : a review B. VINCON-LEITE and C. CASENAVE, Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN), Accepted in September 2018, published in February 2019, Volume 651, Part 2, Pages 2985-3001. Links: DOI
[13] System Identification by Operatorial Cancellation of Nonlinear Terms and Application to a Class of Volterra Models C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, G. MONTSENY, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Accepted in July 2016, published in May 2017, Volume 27, Issue 8, pages 1211–1241. Links: PreprintDOI
[12] Effects of turbulence on alkaline phosphatase activity of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in Lake Taihu J. ZHOU, B. QIN, C. CASENAVE, X. HAN, Hydrobiologia, February 2016, Volume 765, Issue 1, pp 197-207. Links: PreprintDOI
[11] Response of zooplankton community to turbulence in large, shallow Lake Taihu : a mesocosm experiment J. ZHOU, X. HAN, B. QIN, C. CASENAVE, G. YANG, Journal of Fundamental and Applied Limnology, January 2016. Links: PreprintDOI
[10] Effects of wind wave turbulence on the phytoplankton community composition in large, shallow Lake Taihu J. ZHOU, B. QIN, C. CASENAVE, X. HAN, G. YANG, T. WU, P. WU, J. MA, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 22, Issue 16, August 2015, pages 12737-12746. Links: PreprintDOI
[9] Multi-Rate Mass Transfer (MRMT) models for general diffusive porosity structures T. BABEY, J.-R. de DREUZY, C. CASENAVE, Advances in Water Resources, Volume 76, February 2015, pages 146-156. Links: PreprintDOI
[8] Model identification and reduction for the control of an ice cream crystallization process C. CASENAVE, D. DOCHAIN, G. ALVAREZ, M. ARELLANO, H. BENKHELIFA, D. LEDUCQ, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 119, November 2014, pages 274-287. Links: PreprintDOI
[7] Analysis, simulation and impedance operator of a non local model of porous medium for acoustic control E. MONTSENY, C. CASENAVE, Journal of Vibration and Control, Accepted in July 2013, published in April 2015, Volume 21, Issue 5, pages 1012-1028 . Links: PreprintDOI
[6] Time-Local formulation and identification of implicit Volterra models by means of diffusive representation C. CASENAVE, Automatica, Volume 47, Issue 10, October 2011, pages 2273-2278. Links: PreprintDOI
[5] Identification and state realization of non-rational convolutive models by means of diffusive representation C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, IET Control Theory & Applications, 5 May 2011, Volume 5, Issue 7, p.934-942. Links: PreprintDOI
[4] Identification of dynamic nonlinear thermal transfers for precise correction of bias induced by temperature variations C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, H. CAMON, F. BLARD, Journal of Microsystem Technologies, Volume 17, Number 4 (2011), 645-654. Links:PreprintDOI
[3] Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Models of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, H. CAMON, Control Engineering Practice, Vol.18, N°8, pp.954-969, 2010. Links: PreprintDOI
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[1] Formulation différentielle dissipative d’un modèle de paroi absorbante en aéroacoustique C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, L. SEGUI, Comptes rendus de l’Académie des Sciences – Mécanique, Vol.336, N°4, pp.398-403, 2008. Links: PreprintDOI

Papers submitted to journal

[1] Quantitative investigations of wind-induced high-turbidity events in a large and shallow lake T. WU, C. CASENAVE, D. HAMILTON, B. QIN et A. HUANG, Submitted to Limnology and Oceanography

Book chapter

[1] Optimal identification of delay-diffusive operators and application to the impedance operator of absorbent materials C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, “Time-Delay Systems: Analysis, Algorithms and Control”, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Springer, Vol.388, pp.315-325, 2009. Links: PreprintDOI

International conferences with proceedings

[17] Control of the crop-production in a network of agricultural plots C. CASENAVE, A. BISSON, 28th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED’2020), Saint-Raphaël (France), pp.1104-1109, sept 2020. Links: DOI
[16] Modelling and control of particulate systems – three industrial(ly based) case studies D. DOCHAIN, C. CASENAVE, C. HENRI, L. NOON, IFAC World Congress 2020, Berlin (Germany), July 12-17 2020
[15] Simplification of dynamic problems by time-scale transformation: application to the nonlinear control with input positive constraints C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, IFAC World Congress 2017, Toulouse (France), Volume 50, Issue 1, July 9-14 2017, Pages 10691-10696. Links: PreprintDOI
[14] Control of a class of nonlinear cascade systems with input-dependent saturations C. CASENAVE, M. PEREZ, 27th Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC), Qingdao (China), May 23-25 2015, pp. 131-136. Links: PreprintDOI
[13] Control of a Multi-Stage Continuous Fermentor for the study of the wine fermentation C. CASENAVE, D. DOCHAIN, J. HARMAND, M. PEREZ, A. RAPAPORT, J-M.SABLAYROLLES, 19th IFAC World Congress 2014, Cape Town (South Africa), August 24-29 2014, pp. 6192-6197. Links: PreprintDOI
[12] Control of a Nonlinear Ice Cream Crystallization Process C. CASENAVE, D. DOCHAIN, G. ALVAREZ, M. ARELLANO, H. BENKHELIFA and D. LEDUCQ, 9th Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS) 2013, Toulouse (France), September 4-6 2013. Links: PreprintDOI
[11] Steady-state and stability analysis of a population balance based nonlinear ice cream crystallization model C. CASENAVE, D. DOCHAIN, G. ALVAREZ, H. BENKHELIFA, D. FLICK and D. LEDUCQ, American Control Conference (ACC) 2012, Montreal (Canada), June 27-29 2012. Links: PreprintDOI
[10] Controllability of SISO Volterra models via diffusive representation C. CASENAVE and C. PRIEUR, 18th IFAC World Congress 2011, Milan (Italy), August 28 – September 2 2011. Links: PreprintDOI
[9] Identification of time-non local models under diffusive representation C. CASENAVE, 4th IFAC Symposium on System, Structure and Control, IFAC SSSC 2010, Ancona (Italy), 15-17 September 2010. Links: PreprintDOI
[8] Introduction to diffusive representation C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, 4th IFAC Symposium on System, Structure and Control, IFAC SSSC 2010, Ancona (Italy), 15-17 September 2010. Links: PreprintDOI
[7] Identification of Dynamic Nonlinear Thermal Transfers for Precise Correction of Bias Induced by Temperature Variations C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, H. CAMON, F. BLARD, SYMPOSIUM on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, DTIP 2010, Seville (Spain), 5-7 May 2010, pp 376-381. Links: PreprintPublisher website
[6] A Cancellation Operator Suitable for Identification of Nonlinear Volterra Models C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, IFAC Workshop on Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, CDPS 2009, Toulouse (France), July 20-24 2009. Links: Preprint
[5] Diffusive Identification of Volterra Models by Cancellation of the Nonlinear Term C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, 15th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2009, Saint-Malo (France), July 6-8 2009, pp 640-645. Links: PreprintDOI
[4] Identification of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Models from Real Measurement Data C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, H. CAMON, 15th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2009, Saint-Malo (France), July 6-8 2009. Links: PreprintDOI
[3] Identification of Nonlinear Volterra Models by means of Diffusive Representation C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul (Korea), July 6-11, 2008, pp.4024-4029. Links: PreprintDOI
[2] Dissipative state formulations and numerical simulation of a porous medium for boundary absorbing control of aeroacoustic waves C. CASENAVE, E. MONTSENY, 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul (Korea), July 6-11, 2008, pp.13432-13437. Links: PreprintDOI
[1] Optimal identification of delay-diffusive operators and application to the acoustic impedance of absorbent materials C. CASENAVE, G. MONTSENY, 7th IFAC Workshop on Time-Delay Systems (IFAC TDS 2007), Nantes (France), September 17-19 2007, 5p. Links: Preprint

Oral presentations or posters in international conferences

[6] Cyanobacteria dynamics: Comparison of two different ecological modeling approaches F. PICCIONI, B. VINCON-LEITE, Y. HONG, C. CASENAVE, D. PLEC, B.J. LEMAIRE, C. LI, M.-H. LE, N. GOUTAL, 18th ICHA 2018 (International Conference on Harmful Algae) “From ecosystems to socio-ecosystems”, Nantes (France) October 21-26 2018.
[5] An automatic monitoring and modelling system of cyanobacteria dynamics in urban water bodies with high frequency measurements F. PICCIONI, Y. HONG, B.J. LEMAIRE, P. DUBOIS, D. PLEC, C. LI, B. VINCON-LEITE, C. CASENAVE, K. TAMBOSCO, J.-F. HUMBERT, ELLS-IAGLR (European Large Lakes Symposium – International Association for Great Lakes Research) international conference “Big Lakes, Small World”, Evian (France), September 23-28 2018.
[4] Stratification and mixing regime of a shallow polymictic lake F. PICCIONI, B. J. LEMAIRE, Y. HONG, D. PLEC, B. VINCON-LEITE, C. CASENAVE, F. SOULIGNAC, 5th IAHR Europe Congress 2018 (International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research), Trento (Italy), June 12-14 2018.
[3] Impact of land management on productivity of agro-ecosystems of West-Africa: a meta ecosystem approach A. BISSON, S. BOUDSOCQ, T. DAUFRESNE, C. CASENAVE, R. MANLAY, S. BAROT, D. MASSE, JEF 2017 – Function Ecology Conference, La Grande Motte (France), March 28-31 2017.
[2] Impact of land-use changes on biogeochemical cycles and fertility transfers in mixed-farming systems of West Africa: an ecological approach A. BISSON, N. PICHON, S. BOUDSOCQ, T. DAUFRESNE, C. CASENAVE, S. BAROT, D. MASSE, EcoSummit 2016 – Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change, Montpellier (France), August 29 to September 1rst 2016.
[1] Impact of immobile porosity architecture on reactive transport in mobile/immobile models T. BABEY, J-R. DE DREUZY, A. RAPAPORT, C. CASENAVE, AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting 2013, San Francisco (USA), December 9-13 2013

PhD Thesis

Diffusive representation and operatorial inversion for the analysis and the resolution of non local dynamic problems C. CASENAVE 9 december 2009, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse. Links: Pdf

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