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Jeudi 10 juin 2021 à 14h00

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Ashley Pridgeon

(University of Bristol)

The role of ABA signalling and metabolism in stomatal responses to darkness

Stomata are microscopic pores that open and close, acting to balance CO2 uptake with water loss. Stomata close in response to various signals including the drought hormone abscisic acid (ABA), microbe-associated-molecular-patterns, high CO2 levels, and darkness. The signalling pathways underlying ABA-induced stomatal closure are well known, however, the mechanism for dark-induced stomatal closure is less clear. ABA signalling has been suggested to play a role in dark-induced stomatal closure, but it is unclear what this is. In this talk I will outline research investigating the role of ABA in regulating stomatal responses to darkness in Arabidopsis thaliana. Tracking stomatal movements on the surface of leaf discs I found, although steady state stomatal apertures are affected by mutations in ABA signalling and metabolism genes, all mutants investigated close in response to darkness. However, there is a delayed response to darkness for certain ABA signalling and metabolism mutants. Investigating this further in the quadruple ABA receptor mutant (pyr1pyl1pyl2pyl4), compared with wild-type, I observed altered stomatal conductance kinetics. Although the results suggest a non-essential role for ABA in dark-induced stomatal closure, I show that ABA modulates the speed of the dark-induced closure response.

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