Séminaire IBIP
Les séminaires ont lieu sur le Campus Montpellier SupAgro/INRA de La Gaillarde (2, place P. Viala Montpellier)

Jeudi 25 septembre 2014
Salle 106 (cœur d’Ecole) à 14h

How the ancestral nature of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis makes it so contemporary?

Guillaume Bécard
Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Végétales (LRSV), Castanet-Tolosan

The AM symbiosis has been an extremely successful plant-microbe interaction for more than 400 M years and today it concerns most terrestrial plant species in most natural ecosystems. This is because AM fungi play essential roles to improve water and mineral nutrition of plants and to help plant adaptation to various abiotic and biotic environmental factors. By studying this symbiosis, besides the perspectives of exploiting it for the development of sustainable agriculture, plant biologists aim to highlight ancestral and fundamental mechanisms involved in plant physiology and in plant biotic interactions that appeared more recently in the green lineage. This will be illustrated with some findings of the recent years.

Contact : Sabine Zimmermann

Contacts IBIP :
Sabine Zimmermann
Alexandre Martiniere
Christine Granier
Chantal Baracco