October 15th and 16th, amphitheatre Lamour, on campus INRA/SupAgro, Montpellier

A semi-rigid cell wall as well as vacuoles allow plant cells to develop an internal hydrostatic pressure called turgor. Turgor is the cause or the consequence of many plant processes such as nutrient transport, stress/strain perception and, at a more integrated level, of stomatal closure, seed development or lateral root formation,…. But turgor pressure is technically challenging to measure and may vary within an organ, so that many of these roles have been identified rather indirectly, or with the help of mathematical and/or computational tools.

We welcome any participant with an interest in turgor pressure in plant cells and/or the development of mathematical/computational tools dedicated to biological questions. Every attendee is encouraged to present her/his work and thoughts in those area in a very informal and discussion-prone way (10min talk + 10min discussion).

Workshop organized within the framework of GDR PhyP (plants biophysics and biomecanics) and with the support of the CNRS Mission pour l’Interdisciplinarité.

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