IBIP seminar

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Multidimensional mapping of root responses to soil environmental cues using a luminescence-based imaging system

Rubén Rellán-Álvarez
National Laboratory for Genomics and Biodiversity (Langebio). Cinvestav, Irapuato, Guanajuato, México; Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford, Department of Plant Biology, USA

Root systems develop different root types that individually sense cues from their local environment and integrate them with systemic signals. This complex multi-dimensional amalgam of inputs leads to continuous adjustment of root growth rates, direction and metabolic activity to define a dynamic physical network. Current methods for analyzing root biology balance physiological relevance with imaging capability. To bridge this divide, we developed an integrated imaging system called Growth and Luminescence Observatory for Roots (GLO-Roots) that uses luminescence-based reporters to enable studies of root architecture and gene expression patterns in soil-grown, light-shielded roots. We have developed image analysis algorithms that allow the spatial integration of soil properties such as soil moisture with root traits. We propose GLO-Roots as a system that has great utility in both presenting environmental stimuli to roots in ways that evoke natural adaptive responses, and in providing tools for developing a multi-dimensional understanding of such processes.

Contact : Cathy Curie

Contacts IBIP :
Sabine Zimmermann
Alexandre Martiniere
Christine Granier
Chantal Baracco