Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals

Group leader: Anne-Aliénor Véry
Senior Scientist CNRS



Key words

rice, wheat, K+, Na+, salt stress, drought, electrophysiology


The team investigates the role of transporters and ion channels in the mineral nutrition of the plant and its adaptation to abiotic stresses: K+ deficiency, salt or water stress or soil contamination with toxic monovalent cations like 137Cs+ in relation with Fukushima accident (collaboration with Japanese teams and CEA ).

The plants studied are mainly cereals (rice , barley, wheat ), rice being selected as a model species.

Targeted transport systems mainly belong to the family of K+ and / or Na+ HKT transporters, and families of K+ carriers or channels (KUP / HAK and Shaker).

Team members
Main results
Significant publications

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Former team members

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2023

Theoretical module: April 2-7, 2023, Practical module: May 22-26, 2023. Team: Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals

Thesis defended by Ikram Madani

Tuesday december 13 – Plasticity of the wheat root system under N, P or K deficiency conditions revealed by the development of a phenotyping methodology integrating absorbent hairs

Thesis defended by Houssein Zhour

Thursday october 27 – Plant – microbiota molecular dialogue: analysis of root and bacterial exudates, and evolution of root exudation function during wheat domestication and improvement

IBIP/MISTRAL seminar: Mike Blatt

July 1, 2022 – What can we learn from mechanistic models of guard cell membrane transport

IBIP/MISTRAL seminar: Anna Moroni

July 1, 2022 – Engineering potassium channels for remote control of cellular function

IBIP/MISTRAL seminar: Marie Erard

Thusrday july 7, 2022 3pm – Fluorescent proteins as building blocks for genetically encoded biosensors. Principle and -a few- examples

IBIP/MISTRAL seminar: Michael Wudick

Thursday july 7, 2022 4pm – Design and in planta application of genetically encoded biosensors

IBIP seminar: Blanca San Segundo

Thursday September 29, 2022 REPORTED- Crosstalk between Nutrient Signaling Pathways and Immune Responses in Plants

MISTRAL international summer school on ion and water transport in plants

June 30 – July 13 2022, Montpellier France. Organizer: Anne-Aliénor Véry (IPSiM TICER team)