Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals

Group leader: Anne-Aliénor Véry
Senior Scientist CNRS



Key words

rice, wheat, K+, Na+, salt stress, drought, electrophysiology


The team investigates the role of transporters and ion channels in the mineral nutrition of the plant and its adaptation to abiotic stresses: K+ deficiency, salt or water stress or soil contamination with toxic monovalent cations like 137Cs+ in relation with Fukushima accident (collaboration with Japanese teams and CEA ).

The plants studied are mainly cereals (rice , barley, wheat ), rice being selected as a model species.

Targeted transport systems mainly belong to the family of K+ and / or Na+ HKT transporters, and families of K+ carriers or channels (KUP / HAK and Shaker).

Team members
Main results
Significant publications
Tounsi S, Ben Amar S, Masmoudi K, Sentenac H, Brini F, Véry A-A✉ (2016) Characterisation of two HKT1;4 transporters from Triticum monococcum to elucidate the determinants of the wheat salt tolerance Nax1 QTL . Plant Cell Physiol., 57(10):2047-2057

Wang L, Yang S-Y, Guo M-Y, Huang Y-N, Sentenac H, Véry A-A✉, Su Y-H✉ (2016) The S1-S2 linker determines the distinct pH sensitivity between ZmK2.1 and KAT1. Plant J., 85(5):675-685

Charpentier M✉, Sun J, Vaz Martins T, Radhakrishnan GV, Findlay K, Soumpourou E, Thouin J, Véry A-A, Sander D, Morris RJ, Oldroyd GED✉ (2016) Nuclear-localized cyclic nucleotide-gated channels mediate symbiotic calcium oscillations. Science, 352(6289):1102-1105

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Ben Amar S, Brini F, Sentenac H, Masmoudi K, Véry A-A✉ (2014) Functional characterization in Xenopus oocytes of Na+ transport systems from durum wheat reveals diversity among two HKT1;4 transporters. J. Exp. Bot., 65(1):213-222

Oomen RJFJ, Benito B, Sentenac H, Rodríguez-Navarro A, Talón M, Véry A-A, Domingo C✉ (2012) HKT2;2/1, a K+-permeable transporter identified in a salt tolerant rice cultivar through surveys of natural genetic polymorphism. Plant J., 71(5):750-762

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Former team members


July 2-13, 2018 – Montpellier International School on ion and water TRAnsport in PLant

E2M 2018

March 26-30 2018 (theorie) & May 14-18 (practice) – Ecole d’électrophysiologie de Montpellier – Contact: Hervé sentenac

Thesis defensed by Fouad Al Shiblawi

Nov. 15, 2017 – Plant adaptation to salinity stress: characterisation of ecotypic variants and knock-out lines for Na+ transport systems in rice

Thesis defended by Sonia Mohamed

Sep. 13, 2017 – Control of the accumulation of toxic cations in rice by changing carriers, architecture or anatomy root: application to a culture contaminated with Cesium-137 soil

Thesis defended by Thanh Hao Nguyen

Dec. 16, 2016 – Control of leaf transpiration in rice: molecular and functional analysis of K+ transport in stomata


Sep 26-29, 2016 – 14th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics

Thesis defended by Limin Wang

Jul. 16, 2015 – Electrophysiological characterization of ion conductances active at the Medicago truncatula root hair plasma membrane and potentially involved in the early Nod factor signaling

Thesis defended by Meriem Daly

Dec. 22, 2014 – Molecular and electrophysiological analysis of the diversity of transport systems involved in root K+ uptake in rice

Thesis defended by Siwar Ben Amar

Sep. 6, 2014 – Study of HKT-type K+ and / or Na+ transporters involved in salt stress tolerance in rice and wheat