Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals

Group leader: Anne-Aliénor Véry
Senior Scientist CNRS



Key words

rice, wheat, K+, Na+, salt stress, drought, electrophysiology


The team investigates the role of transporters and ion channels in the mineral nutrition of the plant and its adaptation to abiotic stresses: K+ deficiency, salt or water stress or soil contamination with toxic monovalent cations like 137Cs+ in relation with Fukushima accident (collaboration with Japanese teams and CEA ).

The plants studied are mainly cereals (rice , barley, wheat ), rice being selected as a model species.

Targeted transport systems mainly belong to the family of K+ and / or Na+ HKT transporters, and families of K+ carriers or channels (KUP / HAK and Shaker).

Team members
Main results
Significant publications

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Former team members

IBIP seminar: Blanca San Segundo

Thursday june 16, 2022 – Title to come

MISTRAL international summer school on ion and water transport in plants

June 30 – July 13 2022, Montpellier France. Organizer: Anne-Aliénor Véry (IPSiM TICER team)

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2022

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2022. Theoretical module: April 3-8, 2022 – Practical module: May 9-13, 2022

Thesis defended by Jing Zhou

Tuesday, july 13, 2021: Long-range K+ transport and adaptation to salt stress in rice: molecular and physiological analyses of the involvement of K+ channels

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches : Jean-Benoît Peltier

April 29, 2021 2 PM – Exsudation racinaire, interaction avec le microbiote et nutrition minérale chez les blés sauvages et modernes

Press release: “coping with soil salinity: Lessons from a wild rice species”

Climate change and sea level rise is increasingly affecting coastal regions of India. Intrusion of sea water into agricultural lands in coastal regions is increasing soil salinity (increasing soil sodium ion content), affecting agricultural productivity.


July 2-13, 2018 – Montpellier International School on ion and water TRAnsport in PLant

E2M 2018

March 26-30 2018 (theorie) & May 14-18 (practice) – Ecole d’électrophysiologie de Montpellier – Contact: Hervé sentenac

Thesis defensed by Fouad Al Shiblawi

Nov. 15, 2017 – Plant adaptation to salinity stress: characterisation of ecotypic variants and knock-out lines for Na+ transport systems in rice

Thesis defended by Sonia Mohamed

Sep. 13, 2017 – Control of the accumulation of toxic cations in rice by changing carriers, architecture or anatomy root: application to a culture contaminated with Cesium-137 soil