Electrophysiology of plant mineral nutrition and root symbioses

Group leader : Hervé Sentenac
Research Director INRAE



Key words

membrane transport, patch-clamp, spectrofluorimetry, potassium, nitrate, salt stress, water stress, stomata


Our group is interested in the role of ion channels and ion transporters in mineral nutrition and interactions of the plant with symbiotic microorganisms (ectomycorrhizae, nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria).

The model organisms are the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum in interaction with the pine Pinus pinaster, the legume Medicago truncatula in interaction with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia Sinorhizobium melilotti, and the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana in interaction with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.

The developed strategies include molecular and cell biology, reverse genetics, electrophysiology and whole plant biology.

The objective is to describe physiological functions and roles of the involved transport systems and to get an integrative view of their contribution to the plant mineral nutrition, root symbioses and adaptation to environmental conditions.

Team members
Main results
Significant publications

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Former team members

Thesis defended by Man Yuan Guo

Dec 18, 2019 – Mechanisms involved in early Nod Factor signaling in legume root hairs: electrophysiological analyses in Medicago truncatula

Thesis defended by Thanyakorn Rongsawat

Dec 13, 2019 – Root developmental responses to nutrient shortage and biotic conditions in wheat: identification of beneficial bacteria from wheat rhizosphere and new procedures for phenotyping root and root hair development

Thesis defended by Gabriella Houdinet

Nov 29, 2019 – Impact of root symbiosis on plant adaptation to potassium deficiency: characterization and function of membrane transport systems in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum

Thesis defended by Julien Thouin

Dec 5, 2018 – Dialogue moléculaire dans l’établissement de la symbiose rhizobienne : recherche de canaux ioniques participant aux signaux électriques et calciques dans le poil absorbant de Medicago truncatula

Thesis defended by Sulaiman Mashkoor

Oct 18, 2018 – Role of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on the root development and the mineral nutrition of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana


July 2-13, 2018 – Montpellier International School on ion and water TRAnsport in PLant

E2M 2018

March 26-30 2018 (theorie) & May 14-18 (practice) – Ecole d’électrophysiologie de Montpellier – Contact: Hervé sentenac

Thesis defended by Carmen Guerrero-Galán

Nov. 24, 2017 – Impact of the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis for plant adaptation to nutritive, salt and hydric stress: characterization and role of potassium and water transport systems in the model fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum

Thesis defended by Thanh Hao Nguyen

Dec. 16, 2016 – Control of leaf transpiration in rice: molecular and functional analysis of K+ transport in stomata

Thesis defended by Alice Drain

Jun. 12, 2015 – Ion channels of Medicago truncatula root hair and early electrical signaling of the nodulation: from the channel gene repertoire to functional analyzes