Plant culture

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The plant culture service of B&PMP profits from a powerful device of culture of plants divided into seven main categories

The area of expertise of the plant culture service is:

  • The greenhouse plant culture
  • The management and traceability of greenhouse crops
  • The maintenance of the culture devices
  • The climate regulation of the culture devices
  • The rules and regulation related to the culture of transgenic plants
Equipment / Technologies
  • 11 growth chambers: they represent 100 m² of growth surface. They are reserved for use in standard climatic conditions adapted to the plants studied in the laboratory.
  • 3 culture cabinets: they give users the opportunity to grow their plants in specific climatic conditions.
  • 4 in vitro culture cabinets: they are dedicated to in vitro culture and allow a rigorous control of the climatic conditions
  • 3 perfectly identical phytotronic cells: they allow the realization of comparative experiments by the modification of a single parameter of the climate.

All these installations are powered by chilled water networks or direct expansion, and are based on a PID (proportional integral derivative) type regulation, allowing temperature control at +/- 0.5 ° C ( in a temperature range from 5 ° C to 45 ° C), the relative humidity at +/- 5% (in a range from 15% Hr to 95% Hr), and the photoperiod.

  • 2 in vitro growth chambers : they represent a culture surface area of 20m ². They also involve PID type regulation.
  • 1 seed storage chamber of 6.5 m2 set at 8 ° C and 35% relative humidity (ie 2.3 g of water per kg of air) to optimize the preservation of seeds produced by the laboratory.
  • 1 S2 type greenhouse of 350 m2 divided into 6 compartments of 50 m2 each, of which 4 are dedicated to the culture of Arabidopsis thaliana and the 2 others are dedicated to other species.




The plant culture service has for constant mission to inform the staff of B&PMP regarding the culture of plant under greenhouse containment and the culture devices associated.

  • Installation of a new chiller for the thermal regulation of hydroponics chambers.
  • Opening on December 4th 2017 of the second compartment in the greenhouse for plants other than Arabidopsis thaliana.