Multi-Elemental Analyses Service (SAME)

The Multi-Elemental Analyses Service (SAME), created officially in july 2016, is devoted to the atomic quantification from plant samples (roots, leaves, fruits, seeds, cellular fluids…) as well as from soil material. Basically, the samples (dry material) are digested by acidic hydrolysis that disrupts molecular structures to release their atomic content (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc…). After this hydrolysis step, the chosen elements are quantified by atomic emission spectrometry. The service proposed by the platform includes the hydrolysis of the samples, the choice of elements and the quantification by spectrometry. The equipment is composed of a microwave with 2×24 reactors for the acidic digestions and a microwave-plasma atomic emission spectrometer (MP-AES, Agilent) equipped with an autosampler.


Stéphane Mari
Scientist Manager
Phone: +33 4 99 61 25 72
Office: 239

Sandrine Chay
Technical Manager
Phone: +33 4 99 61 25 72
Office: 239

Equipment / Technologies