Equipment :

Q-Exactive Plus (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Technical description :

The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus benchtop LC-MS/MS combines high-performance quadrupole precursor selection with high resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection to deliver high performance and tremendous versatility. With a fast scan speed and multiplexing capabilities, the Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer is an outstanding detector for fast chromatography separation techniques. The quality of Q Exactive Plus MS/MS data enables identification and quantitation of more compounds with greater confidence. The Q Exactive Plus LC-MS/MS system offers broad screening capabilities and allows targeted quantitation experiments.

2 Sources are available :

– H ESI II : for instrument calibration .

– Nano ESI : used coupled online with  nano-LC-MS/MS

Technical performances

– Mass range : 50 to 6000 Da

– Resolution

Up to 12 Hz at resolution setting of 17,500 at m/z 200

Up to 1.5 Hz at resolution setting of 140,000 at m/z 200

– Mass accuracy

< 3 ppm RMS error with external calibration

< 1 ppm RMS error with internal calibration

– Dynamic range: 104

– Polarity change: less than one second to obtain a MS spectrum in both modes during the same acquisition at resolution 35,000

– Sensitivity

Intra-scan dynamic range > 5000:1

Full MS: 500fg Buspirone on column S/N 100:1

SIM: 50fg Buspirone on column S/N 100:1