Equipment :

Maxis Impact HD (Bruker Daltonics)

Technical description :

The Maxis Impact HD Mass Spectrometer is a high resolution Q-TOF LC-MS/MS benchtop spectrometer. It is a high resolution mass spectrometer with high precision and high sensitivity.

It is particularly suited to:

– the identification of scarce proteins in complex mixtures

– to expression analyzes with or without labeling in very complex mixtures

– to simultaneous protein identification and quantification

3 Sources are available:

– ESI source: it is used to calibrate the instrument.

– nano-ESI source: it is used in coupling with nano-LC-MS/MS

– the captive source Spray with nanobooster: it is used in coupling with the nano-LC-MS/MS and allows an increase in sensitivity compared to the nano-ESI source.

Technical performances

  • Resolution in MS and in MS/MS :

50 000 à m/z 922

  • Mass accuracy :

< 1 ppm RMS in internal calibration

< 2 ppm RMS in external calibration

  • Dynamic range : 104