Equipment :

High pressure Nano system U3000 (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Brief description :

A gradient nano-UHPLC tandem chromatography chain for coupling with a Maxis Impact HD mass spectrometer.

Technical description :

The compact and modular nano-HPLC module includes a nano-HPLC analysis pump, a ternary gradient micro-HPLC auxiliary pump for performing the sample loading / desalting phases, a thermostatted enclosure and a degasser.

         -Nano-pump FLM-3100 :

High pressure binary gradient pump with flow splitter. This pump supports pressures up to 500 bars. Traditionally used on MSPP platform with 25cm column.

         -Micro-pump DGP-3600M :

The system is also equipped with a pump allowing work flows from 10μL / min to 2.5ml / min. This pump allows the samples to be loaded and desalted on concentration cartridges before their nano-HPLC analysis.

         – Automatic thermostatted micro-injecteur

3 x micro-plates 96 wells

Injection technology: Two coaxial needles allow the piercing of speta and the taking of samples by flexible needle (allowing the collection of the whole sample, eg sampled in 1μL sample).