Equipment :

Droit Leica DM4500

Charge :

Tarif (public) : 7.63 €/hour

Tarif (private) : 21.88 €/hour

Associated technologies :

2D imaging

Brief description :

Epifluorescent widefield microscope dedicated to 2D and 3D acquisition conjugated to deconvolution for fixed samples between slide and coverslip.

Fluorescence -Brightfield and Darkfield

Technical description :


Objectives :
1.25X Plan Fluotar 0.04 NA
5X Plan Fluotar 0.15 NA
10X Plan Fluotar 0.3 NA
20X Plan Apo 0.7 NA
40X Plan Apo 1.25-075 NA oil
100X Plan Fluotar 1.3 NA oil
Excitation Source :
Mercury arc lamp 103W
Filters cubes :
TX Texas Red
Detector :
Retiga 4000R canera
(2048×2048 pixels, 7.4 µm taille du pixel)


Acquisition mode: