Histocytology and Plant Cell Imaging platform

The Histocytology and Cellular Imaging Platform (PHIV) is located on two sites, distant of 3 km : PHIV-La Gaillarde located on the INRA-Supagro Campus (map) and PHIV-Lavalette located on the  CIRAD campus (map).

PHIV (http://phiv.cirad.fr/) is a shared platform between the two research institut BPMP and AGAP (http://umr-agap.cirad.fr/en). Since 2003, it belongs to the regional platform «Montpellier Ressources Imagerie» (http://www.mri.cnrs.fr/) federating plant and animal imaging platforms  at Montpellier. PHIV was quality certified in 2008 by the national committee for common services (CNOC) from INRA, and this certification was renewed in 2013.

Please contact :
Carine Alcon
(+33) 499612608, carine.alcon@supagro.fr
Geneviève Conéjéro
(+33) 467617530  genevieve.conejero@inra.fr

To use the advanced core facilities (confocal and multiphotonic microscopy, high content screening, RX tomography, electron microscopy and cytometry) you have to subscribe to the MRI plateform http://www.mri.cnrs.fr/


Assisting users in providing:

Protocols, technical assistance, expertise

Experiment feasibility, planification, and access to equipments and ressources

Experiment quotation

La Gaillarde
scientific manager Alexandre MARTINIERE 0499612021 UMR BPMP alexandre.martiniere-delaunay@supagro.fr
team Carine ALCON 0499612608 UMR BPMP carine.alcon@supagro.fr
team Tou Cheu XIONG 0499613042 UMR BPMP toucheu.xiong@inra.fr
scientific manager Jean-Luc VERDEIL   UMR AGAP verdeil@cirad.fr
team Christine SANIER   UMR AGAP christine.sanier@cirad.fr
team Geneviève CONEJERO 0467617530 UMR BPMP genevieve.conejero@inra.fr
team Christelle BAPTISTE   UMR AGAP christelle.baptiste@cirad.fr
team Frédéric GATINEAU   UMR AGAP frederic.gatineau@cirad.fr
team Marc LARTAUD   UMR AGAP lartaud@cirad.fr
team Sergi NAVARRO SANZ   UMR AGAP sergi.navarro_sanz@cirad.fr
secretarial office Valérie CARUANA   UMR AGAP valerie.caruana@cirad.fr


Anatomy and histology
Specimen preparations : inclusions, sectioning, and stainings
Molecular histology /In situ hybridization / immunofluorescence)
In vivo imaging, use of fluorescent biosensors
Optical microscopy: wide field, confocal, multiphoton
Image analysis
Thematic schools





Montpellier Ressources Imagerie is a multi-site Technological Platform of UMS Biocampus, certified ISO 9001-NFX 50-900


July 2-13, 2018 – Montpellier International School on ion and water TRAnsport in PLant

Seminar microscopy – Sylvain Derossi

Jun 18, 2018 – SPIM (light sheet microscopy) – MRI platform