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IBIP seminar: Blanca San Segundo

Thursday june 16, 2022 – Title to come

IBIP seminar: Valèrio Giuffrida

Thursday june 9, 2022 – …Title to come

IBIP seminars: Miriam Gifford

Thursday june 2, 2022

IBIP seminars: Daniel Marino

Thursday may 19, 2022-Ammonium nutrition meets iron homeostasis

IBIP seminars: Prof. Mark G.M. Aarts

Wednesday may 4, 2022-Arabidopsis and other models to study how to improve plant production

MISTRAL international summer school on ion and water transport in plants

June 30 – July 13 2022, Montpellier France. Organizer: Anne-Aliénor Véry (IPSiM TICER team)

Thesis defense: Virginia Protto

Monday may 16 – Réponses adaptatives des racines de maïs (Zea mays) au déficit hydrique

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2022

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2022. Theoretical module: April 3-8, 2022 – Practical module: May 9-13, 2022

IBIP seminar: Etienne Delanoy

Friday march 25 2022 – A transcriptome meta-analysis reveals the core response of plants to stresses and the involvment of plastid gene expression

IBIP seminar: Inge Verstraeten

Thursday march 24, 2022 – Role of LRR-RLKs in root development