IBIP seminar

The seminars take place on the Montpellier Institut Agro/INRAE Campus of La Gaillarde (2, place P. Viala Montpellier)

Thursday march 24 at 2pm – Amphi 206


Role of LRR-RLKs in root development


Inge Verstraeten


At this seminar, I will present the link between my past and current research. I did my PhD in Belgium on root development (UGent, Danny Geelen and VIB-SPB, Tom Beeckman) where I specifically focused on adventitious roots because of their application potential and the unknown differences to other root types. After an intermediate postdoc in the lab of Sean Cutler (University of California, Riverside) working on ABA-signalling and ligand identification in orphan receptors, I joined the lab of Jiři Friml (IST Austria). There, I returned to root development, more specifically the rapid inhibition of primary root growth by auxin. I will present ourlatest findings, which include the finding of apoplast alkalization as causative mechanism for root growth inhibition and the counterpart activation of H+-ATPases to restore the response. Moreover, we were able to demonstrate that leucine-rich receptor-like kinases (LRR-RLKs) of the TMK family are responsible for this phosphorylation of H+-ATPases.
With this background on root development and LRR-RLKs, my current postdoc in the ‘Equipe Plasticité’ of Benjamin Péret, characterizing a white lupin mutant affected in an LRR-RLK, with an extreme cluster root phenotype presented the perfect combination of interests. I will introduce you to the ccr1 mutant and our current results and ideas.