How do plants detect the fluctuations of mineral nutrients availability in the soil? Two different studies illustrate recent findings on this topic for nitrate and phosphate, two nutrients that are expected to play an increasing role in plant adaptation to climate change.

Press release : INRA

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Bouguyon E, Brun F, Meynard D, Kubeš M, Pervent M, Léran S, Lacombe B, Krouk G, Guiderdoni E, Zažímalová E, Hoyerová K, Nacry P, Gojon A✉ (2015) Multiple mechanisms of nitrate sensing by Arabidopsis nitrate transceptor NRT1.1. Nat. Plants, 1:15015

Medici A, Marshall-Colón A, Ronzier E, Szponarski W, Wang R, Gojon A, Crawford NM, Ruffel S, Coruzzi GM, Krouk G✉ (2015) AtNIGT1/HRS1 integrates nitrate and phosphate signals at the Arabidopsis root tip. Nat. Commun., 6:6274