IBIP seminar

Thursday 29 June 2017

Plant osmotic signaling and membrane dynamics partitioning

Alexandre Martinière
BPMP – Aquaporins team

Proteins within membranes play significant roles in signal perception and transduction, solute partitioning, and secretion. Accordingly, more than 25% of the proteome of higher plants is predicted to be membrane-associated. Proteins diffuse within the plane of a membrane through thermal agitation. Each protein diffusing freely has a diffusion constant that is dependent on the protein’s hydrodynamic radius and the viscosity of the membrane and surrounding medium. In a hypothetical uniform membrane, proteins would be distributed randomly. However, biological membranes are spatially complex, with regions of protein and lipid concentration. Numerous reports describe retarded diffusion of membrane proteins because of structuring factors such as protein–protein interactions, cytoskeleton corralling, and lipid organization into domains. Those membrane nanostructuring is crucial for protein–protein interactions and can either segregate or colocalize membrane proteins, thus optimizing protein interactions in processes such as trafficking and signal transduction. In this presentation, I will present our results which try to integrate early signaling of pant in response to osmotic stresses and plasma membrane nanostructuring.

Contact : Alexandre Martinière

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Alexandre Martiniere
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