Nitrogen nutrition in plants: root growth guided by protein

On 7 June 2011, Gabriel Krouk, a postdoctoral fellow at INRA’s Joint Research Unit for Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology in Montpellier, presented his research findings to the French Academy of Sciences during a public meeting on “Important discoveries in biology in France presented by researchers”. The young scientist’s work focuses on a molecular mechanism that allows plants to sense the presence of nitrate in the soil and modify their development accordingly, so as to optimize the uptake of this essential nutrient.

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Article :
Krouk G, Lacombe B, Bielach A, Perrine-Walker F, Malinska K, Mounier E, Hoyerová K, Tillard P, Leon S, Ljung K, Zažímalová E, Benková E, Nacry P, Gojon A✉ (2010) Nitrate-regulated auxin transport by NRT1.1 defines a mechanism for nutrient sensing in plants. Dev. Cell, 18(6):927-937

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