IPSiM (Institut for Plant Sciences of Montpellier) is a Joint Research Unit supported by four institutions : CNRS, INRA, Institut agro, and the University of Montpellier. Its research activity aims at elucidating the fundamental mechanisms that govern the water and mineral nutrition of plants, and their responses to abiotic environmental constraints, including those due to climate change.

Our objective is dual : to understand better the organization and functioning of plants ; to contribute to the development of a sustainable agriculture, that saves natural resources and respects the environment.

For this, we develop an Integrative Biology approach. We combine multidisciplinary (genomics, biophysics, molecular biology, modelling) and multiscale (from gene to whole plant) approaches on various plant species (model and crop plants). Our projects address how the development and physiological functions of organs are coordinated, with an especially recognized expertise on roots. The aim is to determine how this coordination leads to an integrated response of plants to environmental constraints and how it governs plant growth.

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Election of Christophe Maurel to the Academy of Sciences

In integrative biology – December 2022

Gabriel Krouk (SYSTEMS team) is still in 2022 in the list of most cited researchers

Clarivate released its list of Highly Cited Researchers (HCR) on November 15, 2022.

Kévin Robe received the AAF-SFBV thesis prize 2022

for his work on the localization, dynamics and roles of coumarins in iron nutrition in Arabidopsis thaliana performed at IPSIM, Montpellier in the FeRos team

The BPMP unit celebrated its 50th anniversary

50 years of research dedicated to the hydro-mineral nutrition of plants

Scientific events

Montpellier School of Electrophysiology 2023

Theoretical module: April 2-7, 2023, Practical module: May 22-26, 2023. Team: Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals


IBIP seminar: Guillaume Lobet

Thursday, April 13 – Computational approaches to better understand how local root anatomies influence global root system conductivities

IBIP seminar: Thorsten Hamann

Thursday, May 4 – Plant cell wall integrity maintenance – its roles in modulating ABA production and coordinating plant cell wall stiffness with turgor

Jobs / Internships

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