INRA - UE0999 Pech Rouge experimental unit

The unit conducts research and technological experiments on four main themes :

  • Viticulture and the ecophysiology of the vine, with as a main issue a better knowledge and better control of grape quality.
  • Enology with, as major research axes, the expression of quality potential existing in the grapes and wines and the on-line monitoring and control of the alcoholic fermentation.
  • Technological processes with the aim to propose and study innovative technologies applicable to various steps of winemaking.
  • The valuation of coproducts, extraction of molecules and environmental impacts.

The research activity of the experimental unit of Pech Rouge is structured through integrated projects and the R & D works in collaboration with various public and private partners.

- Viticulture / Quality Grapes (VQR)
- Innovative Technology / Enology (TIO)
- Technical Services for Products Characterization (STCP)

Update : 11/04/2013.

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