INRA - UE0999 Pech Rouge experimental unit

The INRA’s experimental unit of Pech Rouge (UEPR) is the only experimental and transfer structure dedicated to research in the fields of viticulture and oenology with an integrated point of view. This platform allows a transversal approach from the vineyard to the packaged final product. Experimental works were targeted to the validation, the tranfer towards the wine sector, and the pre-development of research findings. Upstream acquisitions of knowledge are subject to work with various other research teams.

Our main goals are to design and conduct researchs in the sector of viticulture and enology, while ensuring the transfer and application of the most innovative results.

In the INRA’s organization, UEPR is administratively attached to the research center of Montpellier ( and scientifically to the division for Science and Process Engineering of Agricultural Products (CEPIA

The UEPR experimental site hosts a branch of the French Institute of Vine and Wine (IFV and particularly in the context of the UMT Minicave.

UEPR will welcome soon the Vine's Biological Resources Center of Vassal-Montpellier's (CRB-Vigne) ( This project of transfer is currently in progress. The CRB-Vigne represents the main French ampelographic collection. Due do its size and its fame, it constitutes the main academic reference at the international level. The CRB-Vigne is at present located at the INRA Experimental Unit of vassal's Domain at Marseillan-plage (Hérault).


Three missions, consistent with the objectives of the Cepia INRA’s division, have been entrusted our research unit :

To design and organize research experiments derived from the wine industry and more specifically in relation with the UMR SPO research team in order to create synergies with this upstream research team.
To structure and conduct research experiments in connection with the vine and wine sector.
To ensure the transfer and the development of the most innovative and relevant experiments by promoting the exchange of informations with stakeholders and by developing and participating in the training of winemaker students of SupAgro Montpellier and of students of the Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine (IHEV).

Update : 17/01/2019.

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