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The landfield of Pech Rouge includes a total area of 170 ha of land planted with 38 hectares of vines, distributed in three areas : the Colombiers (marl soil type), Clape (hard crushed limestone) and the littoral zone (sandy soils and loam) : Physical map of the experimental domain.

As a research platform dedicated to the experimentation on wines, the vineyard of Pech Rouge is in constant evolution in order to adapt varieties and modes of canopy dressing to the requirements of research. The objective is to provide, with full traceability, grapes and wines in sufficient quality and quantity for the research programs of the technological facilities and the winery.

Technological facilities / Winery

The experimental unit possess 5000 m2 of buildings representing different activities :

Experimental technological facilities :

- A technological facility dedicated to grape extraction, grape processing and winemaking for experimental work scales from 100 kg to 5 tons. This winery is equipped with various facilities : destemmer, juicer, pressing units, flash release equipment, centrifuges, tangential filters, earth filters, various tanks, etc.

- A technological facility for delayed fermentations allowing alcoholic fermentations under controlled conditions with on-line acquisition of fermentation kinetics (16 100L-fermenters and 4 10L-fermenters). This facility is equipped with a plate pasteurizer and a storage room for storage of stabilized musts under aseptic conditions (at 2 °C) with a total capacity of 210 hl. In addition, it has a new online monitoring equipment for the determination of volatile compounds in fermentation gases on 4 fermenters.

- A technological facility dedicated to the technologies of separation / fractionation (electro-membrane and membrane processes, distillation processes, membrane contactors).

Winery (a winery with traditional concrete tanks with a total volume of 1200 hl, and a more recent technological winery with stainless steel vats and tanks for a total capacity of 1500 hl).

Packaging facility (two bottling lines for wine lots ranging from 20 L to 100 hl with control of dissolved gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide).

Barrel cellar (Chai) with a capacity of 60 oak barrels (15 to 17 ° C, with humidity control).

Wine bar : for the storage of all exprimental wines up to a 4 years period.

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