"Ion transport and adaptation to environment in cereals" Team

Principal investigator: Anne-Aliénor Véry
Senior Scientist CNRS
Tel: +33 4 99 61 25 74
Mail : anne-aliénor.very@supagro.fr


The team investigates the role of transporters and ion channels in the mineral nutrition of the plant and its adaptation to abiotic stresses: K+ deficiency, salt or water stress or soil contamination with toxic monovalent cations like 137Cs+ in relation with Fukushima accident (collaboration with Japanese teams and CEA ). 

The plants studied are mainly cereals (rice , barley, wheat ), rice being selected as a model species.

Targeted transport systems mainly belong to the family of K+ and / or Na+ HKT transporters, and families of K+ carriers or channels (KUP / HAK and Shaker).

 Significant publications 

Taochy C, Gaillard I, Ipotesi E, Oomen R, Leonhardt N, Zimmermann S, Peltier J-B, W Szponarski, Simonneau T, Sentenac H, Gibrat R, Boyer J-C, 2015. The Arabidopsis root stele transporter NPF2.3 contributes to nitrate translocation to shoots under salt stress. Plant J. doi: 10.1111/tpj.12901.

Ben Amar S, Brini F, Sentenac H, Masmoudi K, Véry A-A, 2014. Functional characterization in Xenopus oocytes of Na+ transport systems from durum wheat reveals diversity among two HKT1;4 transporters. J. Exp. Bot. 65: 213-222.

Oomen RJFJ, Benito B, Sentenac H, Rodríguez-Navarro A, Talón M, Véry A-A, Domingo C, 2012. HKT2;2/1, a K+-permeable transporter identified in a salt-tolerant rice cultivar through surveys of natural genetic polymorphism. Plant J. 71: 750-762.

Mian A, Oomen RJFJ, Isayenkov S, Sentenac H, Maathuis FJM, Véry A-A, 2011. Overexpression of a Na+ and K+-permeable HKT transporter in barley improves salt tolerance. Plant J. 68: 468–479.

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Permanent staff
Jean-Christophe Boyer
Doan-Trung Luu
Jean-Benoit Peltier
Claire Corratgé-Faillie
Graduate students and postdocs
Jing Zhou
Graduate student
Fouad Al-Shiblawi
Graduate student