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Aguilar-Fenollosa, E., Pina, T., Gomez-Martinez, M.A., Hurtado, M.A. and Jacas, J.A.,2012.
Does host adaptation of Tetranychus urticae populations in clementine orchards with a Festuca arundinacea cover contribute to a better natural regulation of this pest mite?
. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 144: 181-190.

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  • Nomenclatural data
  • Host data
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  • Nomenclatural data:


    Host data (2 results):

  • Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1835 [Poaceae: Festuca arundinaceaRutaceae: Citrus clementina].
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    Distribution data (1 results):

  • Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1835 [Palearctic: Spain].
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