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Migeon, A., Malagnini, V., Duso, C. and Navajas, M.,2007.
Notes on the genus Eotetranychus (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Italy and France with a redescription of Eotetranychus fraxini Reck, new record for Italy and Western Europe
. Zootaxa, 1509: 51-60.

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  • Nomenclatural data
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  • Nomenclatural data:


    Host data (13 results):

  • Eotetranychus aceri Reck, 1948 [Sapindaceae: Acer campestreAcer monspessulanum]; Eotetranychus carpini (Oudemans, 1905) [Betulaceae: Carpinus betulusOstrya carpinifoliaVitaceae: Vitis vinifera]; Eotetranychus coryli Reck, 1950 [Betulaceae: Corylus avellana]; Eotetranychus fraxini Reck, 1948 [Oleaceae: Fraxinus ornus]; Eotetranychus rubiphilus Reck, 1948 [Rosaceae: Prunus spinosaRubus sp.Vitaceae: Vitis vinifera]; Eotetranychus uncatus Garman, 1952 [Rosaceae: Malus domesticaMalus sp.Prunus cerasifera].
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    Distribution data (12 results):

  • Eotetranychus aceri Reck, 1948 [Palearctic: France; Italy]; Eotetranychus carpini (Oudemans, 1905) [Palearctic: France; Italy; Slovenia]; Eotetranychus coryli Reck, 1950 [Palearctic: France; Italy]; Eotetranychus fraxini Reck, 1948 [Palearctic: Italy]; Eotetranychus rubiphilus Reck, 1948 [Palearctic: France; Italy; Spain]; Eotetranychus uncatus Garman, 1952 [Palearctic: France].
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