Sarcoptes scabiei

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  The true identity of Pascal’s mite and the diachronic use of ciron

André, Henri M.
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 2
pages: 261-278

  Hedgehogs as a possible reservoir of sarcoptic mange for wild and domestic ruminants

Yeruham, I.; Rosen, S. and Hadani, A.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 1
pages: 65-67

  The origin and evolution of host associations of Sarcoptes scabiei and the subfamily Sarcoptinae Murray

Andrews, J.R.H.
1983 - Volume: 24, issue: 1
pages: 85-94

  Variation in the chaetotaxy and denticulation of Sarcoptes scabiei (Acarina: Sarcoptidae) from wild canids

Pence, D.B.; Casto, S.D. and Samuel, W.M.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 1
pages: 160-165

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