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  The hypopus of Hemisarcoptes coccophagus: Distribution and apolysis

Izraylevich, S. and Gerson, U.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 4
pages: 333-339

  The hypopus of Hemisarcoptes coccophagus Meyer (Acari: Astigmata: Hemisarcoptidae)

Gerson, U. and Schneider, R.
1982 - Volume: 23, issue: 2
pages: 171-176

  Laboratory and field studies on the mite Hemisarcoptes coccophagus Meyer (Astigmata: Hemisarcoptidae), a natural enemy of armored scale insects

Gerson, U. and Schneider, R.
1981 - Volume: 22, issue: 2
pages: 199-208

  Observations on Hemisarcoptes coccophagus Meyer (Astigmata: Hemisarcoptidae), with a new synonym

Gerson, U.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 3
pages: 632-638

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