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  Notes on tenuipalpid mites associated with Quercus pubescens in southern Italy

De Giosa, Marcello; De Lillo, Enrico and Ochoa, Ronald
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 1
pages: 22-26

  Aceria species associated with Solanaceae worldwide with description of a new species

Tajaddod, Sadegh; Lotfollahi, Parisa and de Lillo, Enrico
2020 - Volume: 60, issue: 2
pages: 243-253

  Eriophyoid mites from ferns: description of a new Leipothrix Keifer species (Eriophyidae: Phyllocoptinae) from the Arasbaran forests (Iran) and a key to the world species

Lotfollahi, Parisa and de Lillo, Enrico
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 4
pages: 731-745

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