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Trigynaspida (Acari: Mesostigmata): new diagnosis, classification, and phylogeny

Kim, C.-M.

2004 - Volume: 44 Issue: 3-4 pages: 157-194


Acari Mesostigmata Trigynaspida phylogeny classification key hosts mesozoic Upper Triassic


A generally accepted view on the superfamilial and familial level evolutionary relationships and the classification of the Trigynaspida (Acari: Mesostigmata) has been reassessed and a new classification scheme has been proposed. A new diagnosis of the Trigynaspida and its superfamilies, and a key to the families and superfamilies were also given. A total of 51 taxa and 55 characters were analyzed based on the principle of maximum parsimony. Results supported bifurcating lineages of Cercomegistina and Antennophorina within the monophyletic Trigynaspida. However, the current superfamily Fedrizzioidea, which contains four families that are mainly associated with passalids (Fedrizziidae and Klinckowstroemiidae), carabids (Promegistidae), and diplopods or squamates (Paramegistidae), is separated into three groups. While the Fedrizziidae and Klinckowstroemiidae have been remained in the current superfamily Fedrizzioidea, the Promegistidae have been assigned to Parantennuloidea, a taxon that displays an association with carabids and tenebrionids. The remaining family Paramegistidae now stands alone as a new superfamily Paramegistoidea. The phylogenetic position of Parantennuloidea was basal within the Antennophorina. The ant associated Antennophoroidea and Aenictequoidea are considered as sister groups. This new classification is supported by host correlation. Plate tectonics and global biogeographic patterns among trigynaspid mites and hosts suggest that the origin of the Trigynaspida is linked, at the latest, to the early Mesozoic (Upper Triassic).

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2004 Kim, C.-M.
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