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Studies on the mite Riccardoella eweri (Lawrence) parasitic on the Egyptian toad Bufo regularis Reuss

Lutfy, R.G.

1960 - Volume: 2 Issue: 2 pages: 183-198


Acari Riccardoetta eweri off toad Bufo regularis Cairo Egypt


In the present work, the parasitic mite Riccardoella eweri, which was first described by Lawrence (1952), is being recorded in Egypt for the first time on the Maculated Egyptian Toad - Bufo regularis Reuss. Observations are made on the general form of the body bath from binocular examination of anaesthetised live mites and from mounted preparations. The body is heart-shaped and not aval as mentioned by Lawrence (1952). The different mouth parts coristituting. the gnathosoma are described in detail. The number and position of the body hairs of the mite are given. The legs are described and the number of hairs on their different segments recorded and found out to differ from one leg to the other. Special attention is given to the tarsal hairs concerning their position and n,umber. In this concern, leg I is shawn to present marked differences from leg II, which in turn differs from legs III and IV. The latter two have the same tarsal hairs. The genital opening and the area of skin in its immediate neighbourhood are described in detail in bath sexes. Such differentiation between the male form and the female form is being carried out for the first time, and is based on the constant occurence of ova or developing young in the female form, and a testis with tiny sperm cells in the male form. The tracheal system of the larval and early nymphal stages is examined and found to agree with Lawrence s (1952) description. A tracheal system in the adult is being described here for the first time and is found to have a pair of stigmata opening on the inner edges of the bases of the mandibles. The two main tracheal tnunks give off a considerable number of branches and are connected through transverse commissures. The whole system does not extend backwards further than the region of the 2nd coxae.

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1960 Lutfy, R.G.
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