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Mites associated with the Passalus beetle. 2. Biological studies of Cosmolaelaps passali Hunter and Mollin (Acarina: Laelaptidae)

Mollin, K. and Hunter, P.E.

1964 - Volume: 6 Issue: 3 pages: 421-431


Acari Laelaptidae Cosmolaelaps passali physiology effects of light effects of temperature reproduction ecology mating habits


Biological studies were carried out using adult Cosmolaelaps passali Hunter and Mollin. This mite shows a very close association with the horned-passalus beetle, Popilius disjunctus (Illiger). Significantly more mites attached to beetles at ro0 than at 25°C. A significantly large number of mites attached to beetles that were allowed to move freely in a container compared to beetles restricted to a limited area of the container. Reproduction of this mite occurred only when the female was in direct contact with a beetle. Mites confined with a beetle one, two, three, and four days produced offspring in direct relation to the number of days with a beetle, no offspring being produced by mites with a beetle for only one day. Mated females produced both male and female progeny; unmated females produced only male progeny. Reproduction did not occur at 32°C or below 21°C; maximum reproduction occurred at 28 °C. in these t ests. The primary photo - thermo - and chemo-receptors of this mite appear to be located on legs I. Mites with legs I amputated showed no response to light, temperature, paradichlorobenzene crystals, and did not go on to the host beetle. Mites with only one front leg amputated responded in the some manner as control mites -i.e. mites with both front legs intact. Control mites were negatively photokinetic and responded negatively to paradichlorbenzene crystals. The average preferred temperature for control mites was 27.9°C.

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1964 Mollin, K. and Hunter, P.E.
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