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Fourteen species of Ptilonyssus from Australian birds (Acarina, Laelaptidae)

Domrow, R.

1964 - Volume: 6 Issue: 4 pages: 595-623


Acari Laelapidae Queensland Psorergates Ptilonyssus ecology parasitism Mesostigmata Australian birds new species


Fourteen species of rhinonyssine nasal mites, of which eight are new, are recorded from Australian passeriform birds - Ptilonyssus colluricinclae n . sp. from Colluricinclaphaea ( = C. harmonica) (Pachycephalidae); P. cractici n. sp. from Cracticus nigrogularis and Gymnorhina tibicen (Cracticidae); P. motacillae Fain from Pachycephala rufiventris (Pachycephalidae); P. philemoni n. sp. from Philemon corniculatus and Entomyzon cyanotis (Meliphagidae); P. myzanthae n. sp. and P. thymanzae n. sp. from both Myzantha melanocephala and Anthochaera chrysoptera (Meliphagiclae); P . meliphagae n. sp. from Meliphaga chrysops (Meliphagidae); P . echinatus Berlese and Trouessart from Hirundo neoxena (Hirunclinidae); P. hirsti de C. and P. from Passer domesticus (Ploceidae); P. rttandae Fain from Zosterops lateralis (colour phase halmaturina) (Zosteropidae); P. trattessarti (Hirst) from Oriolus sagittahts and O. jlavocinctus (Orioliclae); P. macclurei Fain from Rhipidura leucophrys (Muscicapidae); P. grallinae n. sp. from Grallina cyanoleuca (Gralliniclae); and P. sphecotheris n. sp. from Sphecotheres vieilloti (=S. maxillaris) (Oriolidae). New synonymy:P. orioli Fain, 1956 equals P. trouessarti (Hirst, 1921).

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1964 Domrow, R.
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