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New laelapid nasal mites from Australian birds

Domrow, R.

1965 - Volume: 7 Issue: 3 pages: 430-460


Acari Mesonyssus Passeronyssus Rallinyssus Rhinonyssus Ruadanyssus Ptilonyssus Sternostoma Australia Queensland


Twenty-four species in seven genera of blood-sucking rhinonyssine mites are newly recorded or described from the nares of Australian birds: - Ruandanyssus terpsiphonei Fain from Stntthidea cinerea (Corvidae), Coracina novaehollandiae and C. robusta (Campephagidae), Pachycephala rufiventris (Pachycephalidae) and Monarcha trivirgata (Muscicapidae); M esonyssus belopolskii (Bregetova) from N otophoyx novaehollandiae (Ardeidae); M. melloi (de Castro) from Streptopelia chinensis (Columbidae); M. phabus n. sp. from Phaps chalcoptera (Columbidae); M. ocyphabus n. sp. and M. columbae (Crossley) from Ocyphaps lophotes (Columbidae); M. geopeliae Fain from Geopelia humeralis (Columbidae); M. halcyonus n. sp. from Halcyon sancta (Alcedinidae); M. daceloae n. sp. from Dacelo gigas and D. leachi (Alcedinidae); Sternostoma cooremani Fain from Dacelo gigas (Alcedinidae); S. cuculorum Fain from Cacomantis pyrrhophanus (Cuculidae); S. laniorum Fain from Rhipidura leucophrys (Muscicapidae); S. thienponti Fain from Gymnorhina tibicen (Cracticidae); Rhinonysstts poliocephali Fain from Podiceps ruficollis (Podicipidae); R. coniventris Trouessart and R. minutus (Bregetova) from Charadrius alexandrinus (Charadriidae); Rallinyssus gallinulae Fain from Hypotaenidia philippensis (Rallidae); Passeronyssus dicruri Fain from Chibia bracteata (Dicruridae); Ptilonyssus maluri n. sp. from Malurus melanocephalus (Sylviidae); P. estrildicola Fain from Taeniopygia castanotis (Ploceidae); P. terpsiphonei Fain from Monarcha melanopsis, M. trivirgata and Carterornis leucotis (Muscicapidae); P. lymozemae n. sp. and P. myzomelae n. sp. from Myzomela sanguinolenta (Meliphagidae); and P. cerchneis Fain from Falco berigora and F. cenchroides (Falconidae). Additional host records are given for P. motacillae Fain and P. philemoni Domrow.

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1965 Domrow, R.
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