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Digamasellid mites associated with bark beetles and litter in North America

Huributt, H.W.

1967 - Volume: 9 Issue: 3 pages: 497-534


Acari Digamaseilidae new species North America


Eight new species of Digamasellidae from North America were described and figured. Six of these, D. isodentatus, D. neocormttus, D. neodisetus, D. varipunctatus, D. brachypoda and D. rotoni were collected by J. MosER from coniferous trees and were associated with bark beetles or their galleries. D. moseri was taken from the galleries of the elm bark beetles and D. marylandae was collected in forest litter. Three other species associated with bark beetles in North America, D. quadrisetus (Berlese), D. quadrisetosimilis (Hirsch.) and D. armahts (Hirsch.) were redescribed. All stages of D. quadrisetosimilis, previously known only from the deutonymph, were found. Specimens of D. septentrionalis Sellnick from Sweden were examined and compared to D. neocornutus. All but one of the Digamasellus treated in this paper appear closely related to species occuring in Europe.Interspecific differences in leg setation were described. The retention of Longoseius as a distinct genus was justified on, the basis of the extreme reduction in the setae on the legs and podonotum. The punctation and the lengths of ventrianal setae in males of D. varipunctatus are variable.

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1967 Huributt, H.W.
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