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On the existence of unpigmented lateral eyes in Eobrachychthonius Jacot (Oribatei)

Traye, J.

1968 - Volume: 10 Issue: 1 pages: 151-158


Sur l existence d yeux lateraux depigmented chez Eobrachychthonius Jacot (Oribate). - There are unpigmented lateral eyes among the Oribatei of the genus Eobrachychthonius Jacot. These eyes are located un der the bothridie as the pigmented eyes of Heterochthonius gibbus Berlese. More or less distinct traces of lateral eyes can be seen too in the other genera of Brachychthoniidae. The main characters of the genus Eobrachychthonius are listed. The specifie taxonomy is still confused because most species are very affined to one another.

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1968 Traye, J.
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