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Observations on the genus Mikizetes (Oribatei)

Covarrnbias, R.

1969 - Volume: 11 Issue: 4 pages: 828-846


Acari Mikizetes new diagnosis Zetomotrichidae Mikizetes diamantensis Chile


Observations sur Ie genre Mikizetes (Oribates). The presence of Mikizetes diamantensis Hammer, 1958 is signaled at central Chile, both over the Andes mountains and the Coastal Cordillera. Complementary data for the original description of the adults and description of the protonymph and deutonymph of the species are given. A new diagnose of the genus Mikizetes is proposed. Based on a comparative analysis between Zetomotrichiis lacrimans Grandjean, 1934 and Mikizetes diamantensis, the latter is included in the family Zetomotricliidae. Taking the family Zetomotrichidae as a bi-generic one, a synthesis of its most general characteristics is given; also the family is ranged among the Excentrosclerosae, pointing its isolated position, due to several original traits.

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1969 Covarrnbias, R.
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