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The labidocarpid batmites of Nicaragua (Listrophoroidea: Labidocarpidae)

McDaniel, B.

1970 - Volume: 12 Issue: 4 pages: 803-823


Acari Labidocarpidae Alabidocarpus Lawrenceocarpus Parakosa new species Nicaragua Molossus pretiosus


Nine species in four genera of Labidocarpid mites are recorded for the first time from Nicaragua. Descriptions are given of four new species belonging to three of the genera. The new species and type hosts are Alabidocarpus jonesi n. sp. from Vampyrops helleri, A. nicaraguae n. sp. from Uroderma bilobatum molaris, Parakosa maxima n. sp. from Molossus pretiosus, Lawrenceocarpus lobus n. sp. from Carollia perspicillata azteca. Alabidocarpus longipihts Pinichpongse is synonymized under Alabidocarpus calcaratus Lawrence.

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1970 McDaniel, B.
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