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New notes on Amblyseiini (Podospermic gamasids, Phytoseiidae). 1. The genu and tibia depilation of legs

Athias-Henriot, C.

1971 - Volume: 13 Issue: 1 pages: 4-15


Acari Phytoseiidae Amblyseiini chaetotaxy leg systematics relationships


Nouvelles notes sur les Amblyseiini (gamasides podospermiques, Phytoseiidae). 1. La depilation des genuaux et tibias des pattes. - The systematic relationships between the fam. Phytoseiidae and other podospermal families are not clearly defined. The choice of the characters, which are used for systematic purposes, is made according to their evolution rate, to the unchanging trend of this evolution and to the differentiai pressure of the environment they meet. The slowly evoluting characters are valuable to determine the phylogenetic lines; when the evolution trend of a character is known, it allows to determine evolutive stages (grades); characters upon which environment has exerted a heavy pressure disclose selective convergences. The chaetotaxy of the gamasid leg trend to depilation (prototrichy --> deficient stages). Deficient stages are grades. The genu and tibia chaetotaxy of Amblyseiini legs is compared with that of the gamasid prototrichous stage. The presumed prototrichous amblyseiine grade is defined (Athiasei1ts); two deficient grades have been found (Phytoseilus and Amblyseius). According to the author the three grades have a suprageneric status, as they seem to indicate very old phylogenetic radiations.

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1971 Athias-Henriot, C.
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