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The feather mite genus Freyanella Dubinin, 1953 (Analgoidea: Pterolichidae)

Atyeo, W.T. ; Gaud, J. and Humphreys, W.J.

1971 - Volume: 13 Issue: 2 pages: 383-409


Pterolichidae Freyanella Phalacrocoracidae Sulidae Parasite systematics


Freyanella species (Pterolichidae) are figured andfor illustrated by electron micrographs: alcicornus n. sp., from Threskiornis molucca, Australia, New Guinea; perelegans, n. sp., from Platalea alba, Belgian Congo, Tanganyika; foliata, n. sp., from Threskiornis aethiopica, Tanganyika; halleri (Megnin and Trouessart),1884, from Afaia afafa, Colombia, Texas; horrida (Megnin and Trouessart), r884, from Eudocimus ( = Guara) ruber and E. alba, British Guiana, Texas; fanetae, n. sp., from Platalea alba, Belgian Congo, Tanganyika; perpapillata, n. sp., from Carphibis spinicollis, Australia; plataleae (Dubinin and Dubinina), 1940, from Platalea leucorodia, East Africa, China, Volga Delta, P. minor, southeastern China, P. regia, Australia, Platibis flavipes, Australia; tarand~ts (Trouessart and Neumann), r888, from Threskiornis melanocephala, India.

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1971 Atyeo, W.T.; Gaud, J. and Humphreys, W.J.
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